Since 1984, Anwar Group with hundred of venture never compromise quality among their products and hence ANWARS, Eco friendly dyes, chemical and cotton are collected from the best status and starts voyage for processing through hi-tech machines by the help of very well trained techno craft to reduce the bacterial intensity. Therefore ANWARS is capable to produce terry cloths in addition with embroidery, applique, as well as finished like paper touch, water repellent, pitch finished, wrinkle free and saliva tested fabrics.


The market demand is Capricious thus the production is complected and requires great skill at each stage. There are many processes involved in turning cotton to carton from the spinning of cotton into yarn and then weaving or knitting it for garments into fabric. The fabric is then finished through the dyeing & printing process to add performance or create a certain look or texture for your needs.


ANWARS is an ultimate brand from Anwar Group of today’s textile, whose meaning is to promote the fashion industry especially home textile, terry towels and textile made ups from garment, bath, kitchen and bed clothing into the domestic and international market.


Cotton is perhaps the most ecologically sound environment friendly fiber of all whilst best cotton are used by ANWARS and over the above using the most environment friendly dyes and chemicals.